Our plan to keep things fabulous, and safe!

During this time most small business owners, ourselves included, are sitting at home constantly thinking and wondering about when and how we will be able to safely reopen and still offer the level of service that we did prior to Covid. Undoubtedly it is going to take us all a while to get our confidence back out in public, and just because lockdown has gradually lifted does not mean we will all necessarily rush back to the way of life we once knew. It’s going to take time, patience, empathy and cooperation to get us back on our feet!

For any of you who have visited Blue Lace you will know that it is our passion to deliver not just beautiful gowns, but a magical bridal experience- one that you will hopefully look back fondly on for a very long time as an important write of passage on your wedding journey. It is therefore important that we incorporate vital safety measures into this experience without them detracting from the magic in any way. We want all brides and party members to still feel that sense of relaxation and comfort when they enter our boutique, so we will therefore be doing all we can upon our reopening to eliminate any possible anxiety about heading out dress shopping again.

The first important step will be unfortunately reducing the number of appointments we can take per day. In order to keep the boutique as pristine and sterilised as possible, we will need more time between appointments to clean everything down and reset the boutique. You may have already noticed that we currently have an appointment waiting list in place whereby brides contact us to join the list and then once we have a confirmed date for reopening we will contact them to schedule their appointment. Current Blue Lace Brides who had their fittings postponed immediately join the top of the list for priority over dates, and then we will be working our way down the list scheduling in our bridal appointments. With less appointments available per day, and the list growing rapidly (So excited!) it is of key importance that you join if you are longing to get out and get dress shopping once lockdown lifts. This will be the case for all bridal shops, not just ourselves, so if you have a few in mind I strongly urge you to get in touch with them now to avoid a longer wait for an appointment. The bride and a maximum 2 guests will be permitted to attend Blue Lace appointments for the time being as we will be trying to limit numbers in the store at any one time. We greatly appreciate your understanding with this as we know how fun and important it can be to bring all the girls along, but as an alternative perhaps bring a different party to later appointments or fittings and bring those with the opinions you value most to your first!

So you have joined the waiting list, fantastic! But what should you expect during your post pandemic appointment? The first thing that may seem a little daunting to everyone, is face masks. It has been suggested by the government that we wear masks in retail stores and on public transport potentially until the beginning of 2021, and this is a measure that I think a lot of people do find slightly unnerving! Let’s face it, they can be a little scary! During a bridal appointment the bridal consultant does have to be in close contact with the bride in order to help her dress (Especially with the size of some of our Ballgowns, am I right?) Buttons, zippers, clamping, all these things are necessary to help the bride get a true feel for the dress. We therefore feel that wearing face masks is an important measure for us! But don’t worry ladies, we have preordered some Disney Princess patterned masks that we’ll all hopefully be able to have a giggle over and make the situation a little bit more lighthearted. Disposable gloves may also be necessary at some stages during the appointment, and we will have disposable masks and gloves for the bride and party members to avail of as well should you wish to!

We all know by now that washing our hands is one of the most important measures in keeping us all safe and healthy. Upon your arrival, we will invite all party members to wash their hands in our luxurious Imperial bathroom suite. We will also have hand sanitiser available for use as you please. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to welcome brides and their loved ones with a warm and welcoming handshake, but for now our friendly smiles will have to suffice as I am sure you can appreciate.

A bridal appointment can be thirsty work for everyone involved and our complimentary afternoon tea service has been thoroughly enjoyed by all brides and their entourage. Regrettably, as a temporary measure, we will not be offering this service until we are in much safer times. We will however have cold bottled water and disposable (sparkly) cups available, and of course the bubbly should you say yes to your dream dress!

In between appointments we will be vigilant in sterilising all surfaces and door handles, and any gowns used will be steamed and sterilised. It will be our first and foremost priority to keep you and your party as safe as possible during your time at Blue Lace, whilst still of course having a fabulous experience! Just because we have to be careful doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun! If there are any other measures you wish for us to put in place for your appointment, just let us know before you arrive and we will be more than happy to accommodate you. We want you to feel 100% comfortable, and will do our best to address all of your wishes.

We thank you all in advance for your patience and cooperation! I completely understand that all of this will take some getting used to, but it’s safety first and we assure you we will be working hard to ensure your experience is just as perfect as ever! We will keep these measures in place for as long as we feel necessary and will constantly refer to government and scientific advice.

Together we can bounce back from this! Remember to be kind to others and most importantly yourself during this time and we will see you soon at our beautiful Blue Lace!

Your happily ever after begins here…

With love,

Sarah xo

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