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Hello ladies!

I thought it would be productive today to talk about the process of ordering your wedding dress! It has become clear to me that most girls are unaware of the length of time and the number of steps involved between choosing your dress and walking down the aisle in it, inevitably feeling like a million dollars! To be fair, how could you? This is a process most women will only go through once in a lifetime, so here we go!

The first thing to acknowledge is that most designers will take between four and six months to produce your dress. This is due to the fact that good designers will be taking dress orders from across the globe and that these gowns are generally made abroad, namely China, Europe, America, and with that comes the extra time involved in shipping and customs. So what you need to consider is how far ahead your wedding day is and allow six months from choosing your dress until it arrives back at your chosen bridal boutique. At this point your dress will most certainly need two appointments with your chosen seamstress to ensure that the dress is the perfect fit and still allow two weeks grace to take the dress home for some final preparation before the big day! A good seamstress will need to be booked up to six months before your wedding to ensure your time slot and will require approximately a month to guarantee the quality of work necessary for such an important gown. Given this it is important to order your dress eight months before your wedding!

What we also need to take into account is how many dresses you may want to try on and how many boutiques you will want to visit. This could take anything from two to six months, unless of course you know exactly what you are looking for and where you are going to find it.

So girls, a valuable piece of advice from Blue Lace is- allow yourself a year to start the search for your gown! This will help to avoid stress and disappointment, but most importantly we recommend that choosing your wedding dress should be lots of fun and make you feel as special as every bride should!

Your happily ever after begins here…

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