London Bridal Fashion Week 2019

Hi everyone!

We have just returned from London Bridal Fashion Week where we not only got to meet the amazing Randy Fenoli, but have picked up his phenomenal Silver Springs Collection!

Meeting Randy was truly inspiring! He is charming, charismatic, authentic and a true professional. Randy designs his dresses with obvious passion but, moreover, a real understanding of what women not only want in a wedding dress but require as an individual. A Randy Fenoli gown comes with the confidence that he has a lifetime of bridal and design experience at his disposal which makes it an obvious choice when trying to choose such an important dress. He was very warm, approachable and helpful and it was a pleasure choosing the dresses that Blue Lace will carry from his collection.

The Silver Springs dresses truly are exquisite! The cut, the fabric and the styles reflect Randy’s talent and fun personality. Each gown is accompanied by a detailed video clip where Randy describes his inspiration behind each style.

We also got to preview the brand new 2020 Demetrios collection which gave us food for thought on which styles we will add to the Blue Lace Collection next year. It was great to meet the team and have a chat with the lovely Demetrios himself.

As expected, the Lazaro displays were phenomenal and we felt great excitement at the prospect of seeing them in Blue Lace when we launch at the start of May.

All in all, LBFW was exciting, glamorous and spectacular, giving us great inspiration for what we want to achieve for our brides.


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