Blue Lace Sample Gowns

At Blue Lace we are incredibly proud of our seven talented designers and are just delighted with our show stopping collection of ninety gowns! We feel it is important to explain to our prospective brides the process of how trying on sample gowns actually works.

In the lead up to your appointment we will have discussed with you any possible ideas of styles or designs that you have in mind, your average, normal dress size and a rough estimate of the budget that you are comfortable spending. From this we can choose a selection of dresses for your first appointment but it is important to acknowledge that, unlike normal dress shops, it is impossible to carry a selection of sizes in each gown. Various bridal shops have different ideas of how they manage their dress sizes. Some shops only carry their sample dresses in a size 10/12 and have very particular dress styles in mind for the image of their particular boutique. At Blue Lace, our image is orientated around the perfect fairytale wedding! Our boutique is styled in a very luxurious, classic design which follows through in our choice of dresses and fabrics. However, we are very keen to cater for every bride’s vision of how she wishes to look on her wedding day! Therefore style, size and budget are not our priority but to fulfil our bride’s dream is our optimum goal. So, on a more practical level, our sample dresses are on average a 14/16, however we do have gowns from a size 8 to a size 32.

As I have explained, these gowns are not only beautiful and fragile but are acquired from our designers and have to be maintained to a high level to ensure they are fresh and beautiful for every bride! It is not important that we don’t carry your exact size in every dress as, within a fairly flexible margin, dresses can either be easily clamped in if the dress is too large, or filled out if they are slightly small. Both will still give a very accurate idea of how the dress will look and feel! Needless to say, your dress will be ordered made to measure and further altered when it arrives to give you the perfect fit for your perfect day. So do not be thrown off when all the sample dresses you wish to try are not your exact fit, some will fit and some will not, but this is no baring on your appointment.

As I mentioned earlier about keeping our sample gowns clean and fresh for every bride, we therefore respectfully request that on your first appointment you wear no fake tan and a minimal amount of makeup as you may be trying on numerous gowns at this stage. However, on your follow up appointments were you are down to just a couple of dresses, we feel it is beneficial to wear your makeup how you think you would like it on the day to give you a better idea of how the entire image will come together!

So, given this practical information, it is important to come along with an open mind and a sense of excitement at a rare opportunity to try on a range of such amazing dresses!

Your happily ever after begins here…

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