Our plan to keep things fabulous, and safe!

During this time most small business owners, ourselves included, are sitting at home constantly thinking and wondering about when and how we will be able to safely reopen and still offer the level of service that we did prior to Covid. Undoubtedly it is going to take us all a while to get our confidence back out in public, and just because lockdown has gradually lifted does not mean we will all necessarily rush back to the way of life we once knew. It’s going to take time, patience, empathy and cooperation to get us back on our feet!

For any of you who have visited Blue Lace you will know that it is our passion to deliver not just beautiful gowns, but a magical bridal experience- one that you will hopefully look back fondly on for a very long time as an important write of passage on your wedding journey. It is therefore important that we incorporate vital safety measures into this experience without them detracting from the magic in any way. We want all brides and party members to still feel that sense of relaxation and comfort when they enter our boutique, so we will therefore be doing all we can upon our reopening to eliminate any possible anxiety about heading out dress shopping again.

The first important step will be unfortunately reducing the number of appointments we can take per day. In order to keep the boutique as pristine and sterilised as possible, we will need more time between appointments to clean everything down and reset the boutique. You may have already noticed that we currently have an appointment waiting list in place whereby brides contact us to join the list and then once we have a confirmed date for reopening we will contact them to schedule their appointment. Current Blue Lace Brides who had their fittings postponed immediately join the top of the list for priority over dates, and then we will be working our way down the list scheduling in our bridal appointments. With less appointments available per day, and the list growing rapidly (So excited!) it is of key importance that you join if you are longing to get out and get dress shopping once lockdown lifts. This will be the case for all bridal shops, not just ourselves, so if you have a few in mind I strongly urge you to get in touch with them now to avoid a longer wait for an appointment. The bride and a maximum 2 guests will be permitted to attend Blue Lace appointments for the time being as we will be trying to limit numbers in the store at any one time. We greatly appreciate your understanding with this as we know how fun and important it can be to bring all the girls along, but as an alternative perhaps bring a different party to later appointments or fittings and bring those with the opinions you value most to your first!

So you have joined the waiting list, fantastic! But what should you expect during your post pandemic appointment? The first thing that may seem a little daunting to everyone, is face masks. It has been suggested by the government that we wear masks in retail stores and on public transport potentially until the beginning of 2021, and this is a measure that I think a lot of people do find slightly unnerving! Let’s face it, they can be a little scary! During a bridal appointment the bridal consultant does have to be in close contact with the bride in order to help her dress (Especially with the size of some of our Ballgowns, am I right?) Buttons, zippers, clamping, all these things are necessary to help the bride get a true feel for the dress. We therefore feel that wearing face masks is an important measure for us! But don’t worry ladies, we have preordered some Disney Princess patterned masks that we’ll all hopefully be able to have a giggle over and make the situation a little bit more lighthearted. Disposable gloves may also be necessary at some stages during the appointment, and we will have disposable masks and gloves for the bride and party members to avail of as well should you wish to!

We all know by now that washing our hands is one of the most important measures in keeping us all safe and healthy. Upon your arrival, we will invite all party members to wash their hands in our luxurious Imperial bathroom suite. We will also have hand sanitiser available for use as you please. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to welcome brides and their loved ones with a warm and welcoming handshake, but for now our friendly smiles will have to suffice as I am sure you can appreciate.

A bridal appointment can be thirsty work for everyone involved and our complimentary afternoon tea service has been thoroughly enjoyed by all brides and their entourage. Regrettably, as a temporary measure, we will not be offering this service until we are in much safer times. We will however have cold bottled water and disposable (sparkly) cups available, and of course the bubbly should you say yes to your dream dress!

In between appointments we will be vigilant in sterilising all surfaces and door handles, and any gowns used will be steamed and sterilised. It will be our first and foremost priority to keep you and your party as safe as possible during your time at Blue Lace, whilst still of course having a fabulous experience! Just because we have to be careful doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun! If there are any other measures you wish for us to put in place for your appointment, just let us know before you arrive and we will be more than happy to accommodate you. We want you to feel 100% comfortable, and will do our best to address all of your wishes.

We thank you all in advance for your patience and cooperation! I completely understand that all of this will take some getting used to, but it’s safety first and we assure you we will be working hard to ensure your experience is just as perfect as ever! We will keep these measures in place for as long as we feel necessary and will constantly refer to government and scientific advice.

Together we can bounce back from this! Remember to be kind to others and most importantly yourself during this time and we will see you soon at our beautiful Blue Lace!

Your happily ever after begins here…

With love,

Sarah xo

Your day will come, and it will be magical!

As Coronavirus has swept across the globe, it has been devastating for Brides and Grooms who eagerly awaited their big day which was supposed to be just a stones throw away. What was supposed to be an exciting few weeks of final preparations has instead become an anxious period of trying to predict the unknown. Our hearts have truly broken for all the couples who have been affected by these terrible times, and you should absolutely not feel guilty for feeling sad! It is important that you let yourself experience the only natural emotions that come with having to reschedule one of the most important days of your life, and then pick yourself up and get excited again! I have heard many girls express the relief they felt when they finally made the decision to postpone, as even if lockdown may have passed by their original date, restrictions impacting their day may last a while longer!

A late great uncle of mine once told us “Always push things in front of you! Once they’re over, they’re over!” This certainly applies! Try and view this as an opportunity to bask in the excitement of being the Bride-to-be for a little bit longer. With more time on your hands perhaps you can make your day even more wonderful by planning a few extra things or saving for something you really wanted! I truly believe that everything always works out for the best and we have to use this challenge as an opportunity to grow, adapt and overcome.

For the wedding suppliers this has been a devastating time also. At Blue Lace our business is not just about sales, we truly care about every single one of our brides and our job is less of a job and more of a privilege to be able to share in such an exciting, emotional and important part of your journey. We have formed some incredible friendships with our clients and we are here on this roller coaster with you to help in whatever way we can! When the doors of the shop close, our work is never finished. Andrea and I take incredible pride and enjoyment in projects at home to help our brides achieve their dream and ensure they have the best possible experience. Being a Blue Lace Bride is not about having purchased from us, it’s about feeling like a true princess and having a sense of homeliness, comfort, relaxation and trust when you enter our boutique. Not being able to be on hand in store during this time is so difficult for us, we truly feel like we’re missing a limb! We have even shed a few tears when popping in to collect paperwork as our hearts feel so empty without the joy of working with such lovely brides each week. We are here for you all as we have always been for any questions, queries or even just for a little reassurance if that’s what you require, so we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any worries at all! We are working hard behind the scenes to try and keep things running smoothly, and are in constant communication with our designers for updates on shipments. Although it can be frustrating that perhaps one of your suppliers can no longer facilitate your new date, or maybe something is not running to schedule, it is important to remember that we are all in this together and everyone is doing the absolute best they can to keep their business running and their customers happy. Nobody could have ever planned for something like this happening, and it’s crucial that we all have patience, understanding and words of kindness and support for each other.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the incredible NHS staff and key workers who are working tirelessly and selflessly to keep everyone safe and healthy. We know that many of you are planning a wedding whilst you continue your outstanding duties and we would love to give something back to show our appreciation. We are currently running a competition on Facebook and Instagram for a giveaway prize of a £300 accessory voucher for a frontline Bride-to-be. Check out our socials to nominate yourself or somebody you know who would love to win and the winner will be announced on Blue Lace’s 1st Birthday, 25/5/20! The winner will be invited to Blue Lace in safer times for an accessory styling session and a well earned glass of bubbles!

As our doors remain closed for hopefully not too much longer but of course as long as it takes until we can ensure the safety of our clients and ourselves, we will be working from a priority waiting list system. Simply contact us to join the waiting list and as soon as we reopen we will contact you to schedule your appointment! Oh, how exciting! Existing Blue Lace Brides will immediately join the top of the list for priority over dates for their fittings. Our sale room will also be reopening by appointment only which is the perfect opportunity for a bride needing a brand new gown at a fabulous price to take home on the day!

To our brides who have postponed, your gown can be safely stored with us for as long as needs be! We understand that is a major concern for a lot of brides who perhaps don’t have anywhere suitable to keep their gown for an extra few months or even a year. Please rest assured that we are here to make this whole process as stress free as possible for you, and we will work with you to meet your specific needs! Accessory orders can still be placed and shipped to your home if needs be. Communication is key during these times so please do not sit at home and stress, just get in touch and we can talk you through it.

What is most vital to remember during all this chaos is that your wedding will still happen, you and your partner still love each other and everything is going to be okay! Now is the time to focus on yourself and on your family and try to take some enjoyment out of a little extra time at home. This will pass and we will all have learnt from it. You are amazing for what you have achieved so far, so let’s keep smiling, keep planning and keep spreading joy and kindness.

Your day will be just as magical and beautiful when it happens- Love conquers all!

With love,

Sarah xo

Scheduling your Appointment

What we have discovered at Blue Lace since our launch two months ago is that, understandably, clients are under the impression that a bridal shop runs exactly like a normal clothes shop. However, given the importance and time requirements necessary in choosing a wedding dress it is essential that each of our prospective brides has our absolute attention and focus for anything up to two hours on a first appointment. Therefore, you will appreciate that we can only see three brides in any one day and even though we are open seven days a week, this appears to be quite challenging. If possible it would be most beneficial to contact us to schedule your appointment as soon as you can as our diary tends to fill up around two weeks in advance.

We can be contacted by phone, email, Facebook, Instagram and our online booking system, and we work diligently to provide for you as much information as possible to help you decide if we are the experience you are looking for!

Occasionally when we have a free Sunday afternoon, we have come up with our “Step in Sunday” which runs from 1pm-5pm, where you are welcome to walk in without an appointment, meet us, see our shop and preview a selection of gowns from our collections. This event will be advertised on our social media the week previous if it is scheduled for that Sunday. This is a great opportunity for us to have a relaxed chat, a nice glass of Prosecco, and smooth out any reservations you may have about trying on dresses. This is a fun way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, so do not hesitate to pop in if you are starting to plan your fairytale.

Our contact information:

Phone: 07464468793

Email: info@bluelacebridal.com

Facebook: Blue Lace Bridal

Instagram: blue_lace_bridal

Your happily ever after begins here…

Blue Lace Sample Gowns

At Blue Lace we are incredibly proud of our seven talented designers and are just delighted with our show stopping collection of ninety gowns! We feel it is important to explain to our prospective brides the process of how trying on sample gowns actually works.

In the lead up to your appointment we will have discussed with you any possible ideas of styles or designs that you have in mind, your average, normal dress size and a rough estimate of the budget that you are comfortable spending. From this we can choose a selection of dresses for your first appointment but it is important to acknowledge that, unlike normal dress shops, it is impossible to carry a selection of sizes in each gown. Various bridal shops have different ideas of how they manage their dress sizes. Some shops only carry their sample dresses in a size 10/12 and have very particular dress styles in mind for the image of their particular boutique. At Blue Lace, our image is orientated around the perfect fairytale wedding! Our boutique is styled in a very luxurious, classic design which follows through in our choice of dresses and fabrics. However, we are very keen to cater for every bride’s vision of how she wishes to look on her wedding day! Therefore style, size and budget are not our priority but to fulfil our bride’s dream is our optimum goal. So, on a more practical level, our sample dresses are on average a 14/16, however we do have gowns from a size 8 to a size 32.

As I have explained, these gowns are not only beautiful and fragile but are acquired from our designers and have to be maintained to a high level to ensure they are fresh and beautiful for every bride! It is not important that we don’t carry your exact size in every dress as, within a fairly flexible margin, dresses can either be easily clamped in if the dress is too large, or filled out if they are slightly small. Both will still give a very accurate idea of how the dress will look and feel! Needless to say, your dress will be ordered made to measure and further altered when it arrives to give you the perfect fit for your perfect day. So do not be thrown off when all the sample dresses you wish to try are not your exact fit, some will fit and some will not, but this is no baring on your appointment.

As I mentioned earlier about keeping our sample gowns clean and fresh for every bride, we therefore respectfully request that on your first appointment you wear no fake tan and a minimal amount of makeup as you may be trying on numerous gowns at this stage. However, on your follow up appointments were you are down to just a couple of dresses, we feel it is beneficial to wear your makeup how you think you would like it on the day to give you a better idea of how the entire image will come together!

So, given this practical information, it is important to come along with an open mind and a sense of excitement at a rare opportunity to try on a range of such amazing dresses!

Your happily ever after begins here…

Ordering your gown!

Hello ladies!

I thought it would be productive today to talk about the process of ordering your wedding dress! It has become clear to me that most girls are unaware of the length of time and the number of steps involved between choosing your dress and walking down the aisle in it, inevitably feeling like a million dollars! To be fair, how could you? This is a process most women will only go through once in a lifetime, so here we go!

The first thing to acknowledge is that most designers will take between four and six months to produce your dress. This is due to the fact that good designers will be taking dress orders from across the globe and that these gowns are generally made abroad, namely China, Europe, America, and with that comes the extra time involved in shipping and customs. So what you need to consider is how far ahead your wedding day is and allow six months from choosing your dress until it arrives back at your chosen bridal boutique. At this point your dress will most certainly need two appointments with your chosen seamstress to ensure that the dress is the perfect fit and still allow two weeks grace to take the dress home for some final preparation before the big day! A good seamstress will need to be booked up to six months before your wedding to ensure your time slot and will require approximately a month to guarantee the quality of work necessary for such an important gown. Given this it is important to order your dress eight months before your wedding!

What we also need to take into account is how many dresses you may want to try on and how many boutiques you will want to visit. This could take anything from two to six months, unless of course you know exactly what you are looking for and where you are going to find it.

So girls, a valuable piece of advice from Blue Lace is- allow yourself a year to start the search for your gown! This will help to avoid stress and disappointment, but most importantly we recommend that choosing your wedding dress should be lots of fun and make you feel as special as every bride should!

Your happily ever after begins here…

Calling all curvy brides!

This one is for our gorgeous curvy brides!

We have been having amazing success with our stunning “Beautiful Brides +” Collection from Special Day! We are finding that these gowns are so beautifully cut and so well structured, giving the ultimate blend of glamour and elegance for our fuller figured brides looking for their perfect fit.

Our Beautiful Brides + Collection is specially designed and cut to celebrate real curves. Each gown is designed with couture construction to flatter every shape!

At Blue Lace we are all about Fairytales and are confident that we have the wedding dress that you have always dreamed of! The Beautiful Brides + gowns range from a size 6 – 36 and our brides are enjoying the opportunity to try on a variation of styles, from flouncy tulle ballgowns to sleek mikado fit n flares. The gowns themselves are corseted and boned in a way that allows amazing support and flexibility whilst remaining flattering and comfortable. The detailing is absolutely exquisite with adornments of Swarovski crystals, beads and intricate appliqués! We also have a selection of more classic, understated gowns in luxurious mikado and chiffon with a more subtle embellishment.

The feedback we have received since introducing this collection has been incredible, with girls feeling confident, glamorous and feminine, and not afraid to flaunt their lovely curves!

Not only are these gowns amazing quality, they are also competitively priced- definitely worth some consideration!

We have worked hard to ensure that the environment of Blue Lace provides our brides with a fun, relaxed and luxurious experience. We warmly invite you to visit us and relax during our two hour appointment slots, giving you that extra time to get a feel for what you love!

Your happily ever after begins here…

Blue Lace Designers

When we first stepped into Harrogate Bridal Show last September, Blue Lace was still in its infancy and it was time to embark on the journey of choosing our designers. Confident that we had excelled in creating the environment for Blue Lace, we now needed to bring in the designs that would launch us into the spotlight and complete our signature bridal experience. Undoubtedly Harrogate is the largest and most important event on the bridal calendar, and just walking through the doors we were in no doubt that this would lead us to the collection of gowns that would perfectly create the image we were aspiring to. Our dream has been to offer our brides a choice of contemporary, classic, elegant styles with a full range of fabrics, cuts and finishes. Undoubtedly the collection of designers at Blue Lace has every element required to accommodate even the most discerning brides.

So, let’s meet our designers!

I’m going to kick things of with the incredible Lazaro! Lazaro Perez, a talented designer originally from Cuba, truly is the Mozart of fairytale gowns.

Lazaro’s collection is a sumptuous mix of dreamy romance, timeless elegance and just a sprinkle of diva glam. Designed to enchant and seduce, Lazaro creates frothy ball gowns to sculptured trumpets. Goddess gowns in luxurious fabrics shimmer and bedazzle.

Lazaro creates perfection for a brides evening under the stars, an opulent ballroom bathed in golden light, or a magical destination far far away.

Need I say more?

Next up we have the fabulous Demetrios! Demetrios James Elias, originally from Greece but now living and designing in Milan, is the master of romantic, ethereal, dreamy gowns.

Where dreams begin and style is forever!

We are carrying an amazing selection from both the “Starlight” and the “Platinum: Clair de Lune” Collections. These luxurious, dazzling dresses will guarantee an entrance that nobody will forget and a true statement for your special day.

A real must see, ladies!

And now for the most trusted source in the bridal industry, Randy Fenoli! Originally from Illinois, USA, Randy progressed to become fashion director at the infamous Kleinfeld Bridal Salon in New York City. Today he is the star of “Say Yes to the Dress” seen by millions of viewers every week!

Randy’s mission is to educate, elevate and empower a bride to choose the most important dress in her life and to realise her own personal beauty.

We agree with Randy that no matter what size, age or shape EVERY woman is beautiful and we can overcome any challenge. We are thrilled to be carrying some beautiful gowns from Randy’s Silver Springs Collection, a good mix of styles with an understanding of what works for real women.

A gentleman and superstar!

Next we have the classic, traditional elegance that is Grace Philips. Grace and Phil are two innovative young designers from Durham in the south of England who excel at designing and creating gowns that are fit for a royal wedding! Similar to what we have seen on Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie in the last two years, these dresses exude regal, high end opulence.

Grace Philips designs are not just wedding dresses. The structure and cut, coupled with amazing fabrics such as duchesse satin and mikado contour your body and scream glamour.

These signature silhouettes are fishtail and full ball gowns. Extravagant, yet understated, these wedding dresses have no fuss or flounce but clean lines and amazing trains with pure red carpet glamour.

Total showstoppers!

To follow that, we have Anny Lin, an inspirational designer originally from Vietnam. Anny Lin comes from a long line of bridal designers and has built up a growing following in the last few years.

Inspired by tradition the Anny Lin collection weaves together modern and classic designs, incorporating contemporary tailoring, unique modern style with elegant and innovative flair.

As the only stockist of Anny Lin in Northern Ireland, we are confident that these gowns represent originality and are a real breath of fresh air in the bridal market.

Unusually brilliant!

Last, but certainly not least, we have our wonderful Special Day. For over forty years Special Day has been designing beautiful, high quality bridal gowns to the Irish and international markets. Designed by the lovely Joanne McFadden, we are pleased to stock their three bridal collections- The Claddagh Collection, The European Collection and The Beautiful Brides + Collection.

The Claddagh dresses feature classic and modern designs with high quality finish and exquisite fabrics. The European Collection is more affordable without compromising the designs and fabrics. These dresses come with a wide choice of styles from fifty’s inspired tea lengths, to soft flowing chiffons. The Beautiful Brides + is an amazing collection of award winning dresses that are specially designed and cut to celebrate real curves. Each gown is designed with couture construction to flatter every shape.

Stunning dresses to accommodate all budgets!

Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog on our beautiful bridesmaid and flower girl gowns!

Your happily ever after begins here…

Blue Lace Opens it’s Doors

Since opening our doors on Saturday 25th May 2019 we have had an amazing reaction to our wonderful new store and our extensive collection of beautiful gowns. (Oh my goodness, you girls are loving the Lazaro shimmer tulle)

We have had the pleasure of meeting some really lovely brides-to-be and even though it’s been exceptionally busy and hectic it is just amazing to be apart of their journey as we also embark on our own.

At Blue Lace we pride ourselves in offering an exclusive service were we provide our clients with as much time, space and attention to detail as necessary to allow them to relax and maximise this important experience.

We truly are having so much fun and we hope you girls are too!

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Bridesmaid Collection

Blue Lace is excited and thrilled to announce that we will be stocking the full Hayley Paige Occasions spring 2019 bridesmaid collection! This collection has twenty gowns in a range of stunning colours, styles and fabrics. These dresses will add to our existing collections from Special Day and Kanali K making our selection of bridesmaid gowns extensive, eclectic and appealing to a wide spectrum of ladies.

The full collection will be in store in Coleraine from the third week of June 2019 and we would be delighted to welcome all bridal parties to experience our brand new store and view these beautiful gowns.

Feel free to get in touch and make your appointment! Our contact details are available on our website, Facebook page and Instagram!

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London Bridal Fashion Week 2019

Hi everyone!

We have just returned from London Bridal Fashion Week where we not only got to meet the amazing Randy Fenoli, but have picked up his phenomenal Silver Springs Collection!

Meeting Randy was truly inspiring! He is charming, charismatic, authentic and a true professional. Randy designs his dresses with obvious passion but, moreover, a real understanding of what women not only want in a wedding dress but require as an individual. A Randy Fenoli gown comes with the confidence that he has a lifetime of bridal and design experience at his disposal which makes it an obvious choice when trying to choose such an important dress. He was very warm, approachable and helpful and it was a pleasure choosing the dresses that Blue Lace will carry from his collection.

The Silver Springs dresses truly are exquisite! The cut, the fabric and the styles reflect Randy’s talent and fun personality. Each gown is accompanied by a detailed video clip where Randy describes his inspiration behind each style.

We also got to preview the brand new 2020 Demetrios collection which gave us food for thought on which styles we will add to the Blue Lace Collection next year. It was great to meet the team and have a chat with the lovely Demetrios himself.

As expected, the Lazaro displays were phenomenal and we felt great excitement at the prospect of seeing them in Blue Lace when we launch at the start of May.

All in all, LBFW was exciting, glamorous and spectacular, giving us great inspiration for what we want to achieve for our brides.



Most newly engaged women just cannot wait to begin the search for the dress of their dreams, however others feel under pressure from family, friends and even the wedding industry to start dress shopping straight away. Some girls feel they may want to lose weight, leave it until nearer the time, or just feel overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Here at Blue Lace, we try to understand how real women feel and not just railroad ahead with what is current trend or what we think is best. Instead we like to sit down and get to know our brides so that we can have a better understanding of what will make them feel special and beautiful.

We think it is important and most beneficial on your first appointment to come in without the pressure of “I must choose a dress today”. Instead just relax, talk through your likes and dislikes, your absolute “must haves” and your “definitely nots”, have a look at some styles and, if you wish, try on a few dresses. However, at this point, some girls may have more clarity and some may need more time to process, and that is just fine!

But most importantly- you just need to have fun!

On appointment day, choose a date that gives you lots of time as the average appointment is between one and a half and two hours. We understand that there will be numerous people you want to share this experience with, however we suggest on your first appointment that you keep your guests to two or three people maximum. Sometimes too many opinions can have a negative effect on your experience and sabotage your entire appointment. We all know our loved ones mean well, but often tend to forget it’s your day and not theirs, so bring those whose opinion you truly value. Perhaps, bring a different party to your follow up appointments so that everyone feels included. We are aware that it is unusual to bring dads, brothers and fiancés to appointments, however what makes you comfortable and happy is very important to us and we will be delighted to welcome them!

Should you find some dresses that you wish to try on, we will take your measurements at this point which allows us to select dresses as close to your fit as possible. We have a full size dressing room allowing plenty of room and breathing space as trying on wedding dresses can often be a strenuous process. Thankfully we have comfy chairs and refreshments at the ready! Once in your gown, our dressing room opens into our splendid runway room where your guests will await with a little glass of fizz or a calming cup of tea. This is the time to relax and truly enjoy the experience- we know there’s a princess inside of all of us and this is your time!

It is important to focus on how each dress, not only makes you look, but how it makes you feel. It will be very clear when you try the right gown but more important to us that when you arrive at your wedding that you are feeling like the very best version of you. When you feel good you look good and the world will see that too!

At this point you may have made a decision or you may need more time to consider. Blue Lace will be happy to support you on whichever choice you make. If you have found your dream dress, the next step is to put down your deposit so that we can place you in our schedule as dresses can take up to five months to arrive. Things may feel like they’ve gone quiet after this point, but don’t worry, this will give you time to organise the multitude of other wedding preparations.

When your dress arrives, your next appointment will involve fine tuning your initial fitting and considering any necessary alterations. It is best to leave your final fitting until a month before your wedding where we can be sure every detail is just perfect.

We will remain at your disposal until after your wedding day so if you have any concerns, no matter how small, do not hesitate to ask! We feel so privileged to be apart of your magical journey, and we will be there to support you for as long as you need us.

Your happily ever after begins here!


Hello, my name is Sarah Eccles, and I’m the daughter of Blue Lace Bridal’s mother and daughter duo.

Blue Lace is a Victorian style bridal boutique located in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Our extensive period building is the perfect place to bring to life your happily ever after! Approaching our grand opening at the beginning of May we are extremely excited and delighted to introduce our extraordinary dress collection in our fairytale setting!

So to all you girls out there, do not hesitate to come and visit us, have a look around, get to know us in person, and I truly believe you will not be disappointed. Likewise we are eagerly anticipating meeting all the lovely ladies to come through our door! Our passion is to make all our brides feel comfortable, happy and confident, ensuring a completely magical experience.

Our research has taught us that the wedding world can be intimidating, daunting and overwhelming. It is our priority to help you dream up something that is uniquely you and make this not the most important or the most expensive dress, but the happiest dress that you will ever wear!

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