Most newly engaged women just cannot wait to begin the search for the dress of their dreams, however others feel under pressure from family, friends and even the wedding industry to start dress shopping straight away. Some girls feel they may want to lose weight, leave it until nearer the time, or just feel overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Here at Blue Lace, we try to understand how real women feel and not just railroad ahead with what is current trend or what we think is best. Instead we like to sit down and get to know our brides so that we can have a better understanding of what will make them feel special and beautiful.

We think it is important and most beneficial on your first appointment to come in without the pressure of “I must choose a dress today”. Instead just relax, talk through your likes and dislikes, your absolute “must haves” and your “definitely nots”, have a look at some styles and, if you wish, try on a few dresses. However, at this point, some girls may have more clarity and some may need more time to process, and that is just fine!

But most importantly- you just need to have fun!

On appointment day, choose a date that gives you lots of time as the average appointment is between one and a half and two hours. We understand that there will be numerous people you want to share this experience with, however we suggest on your first appointment that you keep your guests to two or three people maximum. Sometimes too many opinions can have a negative effect on your experience and sabotage your entire appointment. We all know our loved ones mean well, but often tend to forget it’s your day and not theirs, so bring those whose opinion you truly value. Perhaps, bring a different party to your follow up appointments so that everyone feels included. We are aware that it is unusual to bring dads, brothers and fiancés to appointments, however what makes you comfortable and happy is very important to us and we will be delighted to welcome them!

Should you find some dresses that you wish to try on, we will take your measurements at this point which allows us to select dresses as close to your fit as possible. We have a full size dressing room allowing plenty of room and breathing space as trying on wedding dresses can often be a strenuous process. Thankfully we have comfy chairs and refreshments at the ready! Once in your gown, our dressing room opens into our splendid runway room where your guests will await with a little glass of fizz or a calming cup of tea. This is the time to relax and truly enjoy the experience- we know there’s a princess inside of all of us and this is your time!

It is important to focus on how each dress, not only makes you look, but how it makes you feel. It will be very clear when you try the right gown but more important to us that when you arrive at your wedding that you are feeling like the very best version of you. When you feel good you look good and the world will see that too!

At this point you may have made a decision or you may need more time to consider. Blue Lace will be happy to support you on whichever choice you make. If you have found your dream dress, the next step is to put down your deposit so that we can place you in our schedule as dresses can take up to five months to arrive. Things may feel like they’ve gone quiet after this point, but don’t worry, this will give you time to organise the multitude of other wedding preparations.

When your dress arrives, your next appointment will involve fine tuning your initial fitting and considering any necessary alterations. It is best to leave your final fitting until a month before your wedding where we can be sure every detail is just perfect.

We will remain at your disposal until after your wedding day so if you have any concerns, no matter how small, do not hesitate to ask! We feel so privileged to be apart of your magical journey, and we will be there to support you for as long as you need us.

Your happily ever after begins here!

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